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Leiwener Laurentiuslay

The Leiwener Laurentiuslay is among the best steep slopes on the Mittelmosel.

Across the river side of the village Leiwen, this extreme steep slope vineyard comes with deep weathered gray slate as soil type. We own ungrafted old vines in this area with a minimum age of 80 years.

Wines from this location very often bring along the taste of citric fruits and a very high minerality.

All Laurentiuslay wines are vinified in dry style.


VDP.Classification – VDP.Grosse Lage

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Trittenheimer Apotheke

This worldwide known vineyard is located adverse of Trittenheim on the right bank of the Mosel river. This vineyard consists of greyish – blue slate with an extreme steepness.

The wines from this location have a very tropical flavor or fruit spectrum with a vivid acidity. We are able to harvest excellent Riesling grapes, which are used for one of our “Grosses Gewächs” as well as for our entire sweet collection.

The famous name Apotheke, translated as „Pharmacy“, doesn’t have a positive effect on health. It is probably named by “Abtsberg”, indicating Trier Abbey.


VDP.Classification – VDP.Grosse Lage

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Dhroner Hofberg

Dhroner Hofberg is located in a traditional steep slope along a side valley of the Mosel river.

Deep weathered reddish slate is permeated with iron oxide. It gives the wine a distinct minerality, a herbal flavor spectrum and a lot of elegance. The grapes mature at a slower speed than in our other top sites due to the cool air coming from the mountains through this valley.

One of our “Grosse Gewächse” is produced every single vintage from this complex vineyard.


VDP.Classification – VDP.Grosse Lage

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„The best sites are the most important

base to produce world class wines.“

Piesporter Goldtröpfchen

This world famous steep slope vineyard-site is located south adverse the village Piesport. The soil constitutes of deep greyish-blue slate which gives our vines the necessary warmth and minerality.

Traditionally we produce one Spätlese wine (late harvest) in this steep slope vineyard with a vivid acidity and a sweetness up to a very good balance.


VDP.Classification – VDP.Grosse Lage

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